• At present, the most used is X-ray security checkpoint security equipment. When the passenger's luggage through security inspection door, X-ray scan in turn. X ray is shorter than the wavelengths of an electromagnetic wave, has the stronger than visible light penetration, can even through a certain thickness of the steel plate. Due to the density of luggage items in each are not identical, they absorb x-rays have obvious differences, and…

  • Matters needing attention

    1, in addition to the rain outside my torso, other security model can't get wet in the rain, outdoor use must be sealed by the canopy.

    2, my torso is around 1 meter to large metal objects, such as iron gate, elevators, large iron column.

    3, security installation must fixation, avoid high winds or collision caused by body shaking.

    4, away from will produce magnetic fiel…

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